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News Si Jie Lim

Earlier this year, a huge debate arose when SERS came back into the limelight. Here's what the Ang Mo Kio SERS saga reveals about what we can expect from our HDB flats


News Si Jie Lim

It's been 4 years since SERS was in the news, but this time some constructive feedback have led to new options for affected homeowners


News Peter Lin

After increasing for a 22nd consecutive month in April, will HDB resale prices ever drop in the near future?


News Peter Lin

With North Gaia EC units priced as high as $2 million, we ask the question - have developers forgotten just how restrictive the rules are for ECs?


News Peter Lin

When the Federal Open Market Committee meets today, they're expected to increase the US Fed Funds Rate, the first of several over the next two years. What does this mean for homeowners in Singapore?


News Si Jie Lim

In 2020, around 4,580 people were unable to fully refund the CPF monies used after selling their properties, compared with around 3,960 people in 2019 and 3,380 in 2018. How do we stop this rising tide of negative cash sales?


News Peter Lin

Budget 2022 revealed that property taxes are going up, but only for properties with a high Annual Value! But what is Annual Value, and how do you calculate yours?


News Si Jie Lim

Find out which 3 Key Pillars in the Singapore Green Plan 2030 will make a difference to homeowners


News Si Jie Lim

After almost a whole year of waiting, Singapore's property cooling measures have finally been announced. Here's what property buyers need to know in 2021


New Purchase Si Jie Lim
News Si Jie Lim

With the introduction of the HDB PLH model, homebuyers in Singapore now have one more property type to consider! We look at 6 factors and see how the HDB PLH model compares.

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