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We are a mortgage broker in Singapore with access to the lowest, unpublished housing loan rates offered by banks and financial institutions.

We built Mortgage Master to bring transparency & clarity to an outdated industry.

If you're out of your existing home loan lock in period, and are looking for the best interest rates being offered, contact us and we will guide you through the refinancing terms and conditions.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry in Singapore, we can ensure your home loan application is fast and convenient by referring you to the best bankers and lawyers.

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Each Customer Is Unique

Personalised home loan advice based on your financial status and risk profile. Get a bank loan that's customised to your needs.

Whether you are living in an HDB flat, planning to buy a new private property, or looking for banks in Singapore that meet your expectations, our mortgage specialists are ready to provide you with advice that recognises your unique situation.

Can't decide if you prefer fixed rates or floating rates? Don't know if SORA is going up or down? We'll answer all your burning questions about home loans in Singapore.

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Save More With Us

Mortgage Master offers rebates and subsidies to offset and absorb your upfront refinancing costs. Speak to our mortgage specialists for more information!

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Know someone who should be saving more on their home loans? Refer them to us! If we can assist them with an outstanding loan of $300,000 or more, we'll give you $100 to show our appreciation.

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"Glad to have found a mortgage broker I can trust. Not only have they saved me a considerable sum of money, I have referred friends and family to them and they have never disappointed."

Steve - Satisfied Mortgage Master Customer


"Honesty and trust at this level is hard to find in the financial sector. Mortgage Master keep up the good work!"

Kelvin - Satisfied Mortgage Master Customer


"Wow! The first time I sought advice they turned away my business, explaining why it was not the right time to refinance. This is the first time a broker told me the truth and was not hard selling. When I upgraded my home, Mortgage Master was my first port of call, and their explanations and value-add was a breath of fresh air."

LOWEST Singapore Mortgage Rates

New Purchase (BUC)

Bank Rate
from 0.98%

from 1.00%

from 0.85%

  Enquire New Purchase (BUC) Rates updated 28-11-2021

New Purchase (Completed)

Fixed Rate
from 1.00%

from 1.00%

from 0.80%

  Enquire New Purchase (Completed) Rates updated 28-11-2021


Fixed Rate
from 1.00%

from 1.00%

from 0.80%

  Enquire Refinancing Rates updated 28-11-2021

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