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Interest Rates Peter Lin

A board rate is a home loan interest rate that the bank determines internally. There is no transparency to you and me. How this rate is decided and what benchmarks are used are not revealed to the public. Read on to find out why you should avoid these home loan packages.


Interest Rates Peter Lin

For the past seven years, fixed deposit linked rates like DBS FHR6 have been a unique proposition in the mortgage industry. But are they truly as low a risk?


News Peter Lin

After increasing for a 22nd consecutive month in April, will HDB resale prices ever drop in the near future?


News Peter Lin

With North Gaia EC units priced as high as $2 million, we ask the question - have developers forgotten just how restrictive the rules are for ECs?


Home Loan Peter Lin

Did you know that as joint borrowers, your age difference may affect your ability to get home loan financing?


Home Loan Peter Lin

With so many home loan packages offered by banks and financial institutions in Singapore, how can you choose the best one for yourself? Based on our decades of shared experience in the industry, we share 7 steps that you'll need to take.


New Purchase Peter Lin

In a recent Parliament session, Minister of State Alvin Tan mentioned that the median TDSR is 43%, but what is TDSR and how do you calculate it?


New Purchase Peter Lin

When buying an HDB flat or an Executive Condominium, you may be eligible for up to $160,000 in CPF Housing Grants! But should you take the CPF Housing Grant? We break it down for you


News Peter Lin

When the Federal Open Market Committee meets today, they're expected to increase the US Fed Funds Rate, the first of several over the next two years. What does this mean for homeowners in Singapore?

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