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New Purchase Si Jie Lim

Last month, the Singapore government plugged yet another loophole for those looking to buy multiple properties. We discuss why so many want to own a second property in Singapore


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

If you're looking for a resale HDB flat, it's been a seller's market for 21 months. Here's 3 methods to help you figure out how much you should really be paying!


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

Fancy yourself a future Condo-isseur? Here are 6 tips to help you suss out a good condo launch from another


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

COVID-19 has accelerated the trend of innovation when it comes to the property industry. We look at 4 examples of disruption


News Si Jie Lim

In 2020, around 4,580 people were unable to fully refund the CPF monies used after selling their properties, compared with around 3,960 people in 2019 and 3,380 in 2018. How do we stop this rising tide of negative cash sales?


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

Did you know that a record number of HDB BTO units will hit their MOP in 2022? Here are 7 of these HDB long leases to consider


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

If you want to be a property investor in Singapore, you have to make sure you know your basics. Treat this list as your foundation to get you started

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