D'Bun 利满

27 January 2024
D'Bun 利满

Established in 1991, D’bun has been creating traditional handmade delicacies in Katong for the past 33 years. It serves a wide variety of hand-made steamed baos such as our signature mini Char Siew Pau, Big Pork Pau and Longevity Pau (寿桃), traditional baked pastries such as our highly popular “chan” bun (餐包), on top of other savoury and local delights.

True to the spirit of tradition, D’Bun adheres to traditional methods of food preparation, and continues to roast its char siew in-house over a charcoal fire to impart a smokey flavor to its famous Char Siew Pau. D’bun has grown to specialise in different local heritage treats such as Rice Dumplings (肉粽), Chinese New Year goodies and Mooncakes.  

“Here at D’Bun, we take pride in our handmade local delicacies and specialise in a wide range of hand-made steamed baos, traditional baked pastries such as egg tarts and the long lost “chan” bun (餐包) filled with juicy, sweet and savoury fragrant char siew. Our soft, buttery traditional pineapple tarts; freshly baked “crispy” traditional mooncakes, melt in your mouth snowskin mooncakes, juicy and succulent bak zhang, and our rich and decadent salted egg fish skin are among the many items our customers love and keep coming back for more and we present to you flavours you can never find else where.

This Chinese New Year, D’bun has an exciting range of goodies that you definitely should check out! 
Our best selling items include: 
Signature Pineapple Tart/Pillow
Crispy Walnut Cookies
Gula Melaka Macadamia Cookies
Pork Floss Cookies
Truffle Shrimp Roll
Prosperity Pau Set
Auspicious Bunny Pau Set 

Address: 358 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427603
Open Daily 8am – 9pm
Hotline: 6345 8220 / 6345 4214

Website: http://www.dbun.com.sg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dbunsg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DBunSG
Email: sales@dbun.com.sg

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