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New Purchase News Si Jie Lim

With the introduction of the HDB PLH model, homebuyers in Singapore now have one more property type to consider! We look at 6 factors and see how the HDB PLH model compares.


Podcast Kyler Q.

Does the MAS warning about rising household debt due to mortgages mean that Singapore should stop taking loans?


New Purchase News Si Jie Lim

Is the HDB PLH model a good thing for Singaporeans wanting to live in prime locations? We weigh the pros and cons of this new innovation


Podcast Kyler Q.

Should HDB priority schemes be phased out? Are they making it too hard to ballot for an HDB BTO? We discuss the seven different priority schemes


New Purchase News Si Jie Lim

The newly announced HDB PLH Model is the latest innovation by HDB to counter the so-called "lottery effect". Here's all you need to know about it


Podcast Kyler Q.

Does having a dual income in Singapore mean you can go all out and buy the most expensive property you can afford? We also discuss what to do in unforeseen circumstances that halve your income.


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

Planning to buy a new property? Make sure you do a quick check of these 5 milestones before committing to the purchase!


Podcast Kyler Q.

Most home buyers will only factor in the property price and renovation, but here are several common hidden costs you will want to look out for


New Purchase News Si Jie Lim

With news that HDB resale price records have been broken yet again, this time with a $1.36m 5-room flat in Bishan, we take a look at what the next million dollar HDB flat might be


Podcast Kyler Q.

In the spirit of winning money through games, we discuss what we would do with the windfall, such as buying a Good Class Bungalow