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Podcast Kyler Q.

What would it be like playing Government?


News Peter Lin

After increasing for a 22nd consecutive month in April, will HDB resale prices ever drop in the near future?


Podcast Kyler Q.

The rent is too damn high .... or is it something else?


News Peter Lin

With North Gaia EC units priced as high as $2 million, we ask the question - have developers forgotten just how restrictive the rules are for ECs?


Podcast Kyler Q.

Bruh I'm not even rich enough to afford a BTO yet ...


Home Loan Peter Lin

Did you know that as joint borrowers, your age difference may affect your ability to get home loan financing?


Podcast Kyler Q.

"WHAT ARE YOU?!" "The sandwiched class :("


Home Loan Peter Lin

With so many home loan packages offered by banks and financial institutions in Singapore, how can you choose the best one for yourself? Based on our decades of shared experience in the industry, we share 7 steps that you'll need to take.


Podcast Kyler Q.

"You're more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery". Well, what if the lottery was handed to you?

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BTO Guides Kyler Q.

Planning to get an HDB BTO this May? Come check out our COMPLETE BTO guide for Bukit Merah May'22.