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Interest Rates Peter Lin

A board rate is a home loan interest rate that the bank determines internally. There is no transparency to you and me. How this rate is decided and what benchmarks are used are not revealed to the public. Read on to find out why you should avoid these home loan packages.


Interest Rates Peter Lin

For the past seven years, fixed deposit linked rates like DBS FHR6 have been a unique proposition in the mortgage industry. But are they truly as low a risk?


News Si Jie Lim

Earlier this year, a huge debate arose when SERS came back into the limelight. Here's what the Ang Mo Kio SERS saga reveals about what we can expect from our HDB flats


News Si Jie Lim

It's been 4 years since SERS was in the news, but this time some constructive feedback have led to new options for affected homeowners


Home Loan Si Jie Lim

With home loan fixed rates rising and 3M SORA soaring past the 1.00% mark, 2022 is going to be a tough year for homeowners


Home Loan Si Jie Lim

Interest rates are rising quickly in 2022 and many housing loan repayments are expected to rise significantly in the months ahead. Here are three steps to take.


Podcast Kyler Q.

How not to get cheated by a property agent


Podcast Kyler Q.

50, we're getting kinda old now


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

Last month, the Singapore government plugged yet another loophole for those looking to buy multiple properties. We discuss why so many want to own a second property in Singapore


Podcast Kyler Q.

Still don't understand why housing isn't taught in schools